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I am sharing my personal experience with Babassu Oil on my skin. I have sensitive, dry skin that does well in the summer from the humidity and moisture but can be problematic with eczema from the cold, dry air in the winter. I avoid commercial perfumed lotions and use natural oils and butters instead on my "fickle" skin. I generally apply my oils and butters immediately after bathing while my skin is still moist. The morning application in this manner lasts all day for me until my night bathing routine. In describing Babassu Oil, it has a light-medium viscosity, IMO. The scent is not strong but there definitely is a scent. I find it difficult to describe- not at all nutty to me, but more of an "astringent" smell that I didn't care for. I will likely use a little essential oil of my liking to mix with it to attempt to mask it. Regarding the application of the oil, I found it to be greasy, even using a modest amount with my dry skin. The oil was not as absorbent as I hoped and it sat on top of my skin all day rather than absorbing into it. My skin appeared unnaturally shiny vs. a "glow" if that makes sense. I had no adverse reaction of itch, redness or rash after using it. I do plan to re-visit this oil during the cold winter months to see if my skin will be more receptive and to truly determine if Babassu Oil is for me.

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I am happy to say abt Foderma – Advanced Eczema treatment is working on my eczema. I will keep applying it to go out. I Don't know abt other options.

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