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I wanted to share some butter blends I made. 

I'm really falling in love with Ucuuba and the way it works like a hair pomade.  Murumuru is also great and slippery, but I get finger prints everywhere!  So I have spent some time mixing it up.  I made three (photo below). 

1) TOP dark yellow = 1 oz ucuuba + 1 oz shea butter.  Sticky. Thick. Warmth from hands softens the texture, but does not turn it to oil.  I have used this mixture for deep moisture on scalp.  Rubbing into dry ends of my hair.  Works really great for brushing my hair into ponytail.  I get nice slick waves, not crunchy. No flyaways.  It really acts like a pomade.  I bet if my hair was short, I would use it a lot.  May be good for prep for braids. Binding, but not as rigid as bees wax.

2) RIGHT off white = 1 oz murumuru butter + 1 oz shea butter.  Slippery.  Hard in jar, melts in your hands. I use this to style my hair. Makes my hair shiny. Very oily fingerprints.  So best advice is put it in and leave it.  Not best for if I want to touch my hair a bunch.  I imagine if your hair does not eat up oil like mine, then it will spread better and not be so "oily".  This is a good mix in moderation. 

3) BOTTOM yellowish white = 1 oz ucuuba + 1 oz coconut oil. Thick. Firm. "lotion like". Melts to translucent in hands. I enjoy using this combination right out of the shower on wet hair.  Because it becomes like an oil with the warmth of hands I can spread it throughout my hair.  Adding water allows even coverage. I feel comfortable to air dry and then add style products for either up or down hair style.  This mix is super great on my skin. Hands, body and feet.  I will probably do this recipe often swapping out the coconut oil for babbasu. I'm saving the babbasu to test all by itself. 

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I love that you shared pics of the mixtures so we can see the consistency. I'll definitely try the top 2.

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Love the simplicity of the recipes and the on point descriptions of their feel! I am sharing!! [kiss]
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