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After doing the Hair Care experiment I decided to try combining all the butters/oils from that experiment for use as a skincare product. And despite the high quality of the butters, the results weren't great. I used 2 Tbsp. of each butter/oil, melted them in a double boiler, zapped them with a hand mixer to make sure everything was thoroughly combined, then put the blend in the refrigerator to firm up. It solidified but never reached the texture I wanted. It was like a firm jelly once it returned to room temp. And the texture wasn't consistent -- as soon as the weather got back into the 80s, the blend liquified in the little container that I carry it in. I tried adding shea butter to keep it firm, but it still didn't give me the texture I was looking for. I may have to play with the ratios a bit more to get the right consistency. The moisturizing properties of the blend were very good, but the longevity wasn't what I had hoped. I may try mixing come of these butters with my usual DIY skin cream & see how that comes out.
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