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I'm overdue for this review but with good reason! I tested the Murumuru butter twice! My results were almost too good to be true so I wanted to be sure that the outcome wasn't just luck or coincidence. So, last night I decided to use it for the second time. My first use was 4 weeks ago.
As always, I started out with my freshly washed and conditioned 4B, medium density fine-strands. Using the  LOC method, I applied my leave-in (L- for liquid) and then the Murumuru butter- (O- for oil) The butter is solid at room temperature, but easy to break and melt in hand. It has a very mild nutty scent that was pleasing to me. The texture was very smooth and non- greasy. I love to use aloe vera gel as my style- (C- for cream) and do two-strand twists for a twist-out style for today. Application was easy- no white residue, heaviness or stickiness. I allowed my hair to air dry, then put on my satin sleep bonnet and called it a night.
The next morning, I melted a little of the Murumuru butter in my hands to take down my twists to minimize any frizz. I was happy to see great definition, sheen and softness just as I had initially experienced. The Murumuru butter works great as a sealant for moisture for my hair. My hair really love this butter. Murumuru butter will be a regular in my rotation. I have a few pics to share.
I am eager to use it on my skin soon and will post a review accordingly.

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