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I'm overdue for this review but with good reason! I tested the Murumuru butter twice! My results were almost too good to be true so I wanted to be sure that the outcome wasn't just luck or coincidence. So, last night I decided to use it for the second time. My first use was 4 weeks ago.
As always, I started out with my freshly washed and conditioned 4B, medium density fine-strands. Using the  LOC method, I applied my leave-in (L- for liquid) and then the Murumuru butter- (O- for oil) The butter is solid at room temperature, but easy to break and melt in hand. It has a very mild nutty scent that was pleasing to me. The texture was very smooth and non- greasy. I love to use aloe vera gel as my styler- (C- for cream) and decided to do two-strand twists for a twist-out style for today. Application was easy- no white residue, heaviness or stickiness. I allowed my hair to air dry, then put on my satin sleep bonnet and called it a night.
The next morning, I melted a little of the Murumuru butter in my hands to take down my twists to minimize any frizz. I was happy to see great definition, sheen and softness just as I had initially experienced. The Murumuru butter works great as a sealant for moisture for my hair. My hair really loves this butter. Murumuru butter will be a regular in my rotation. I have a few pics to share.
I am eager to use it on my skin soon and will post a review accordingly.

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I'm a wash-and-go queen and I like to gently melt murumuru butter down in a hot water bath and add a moisturizing conditioner like Shea Moisture's raw Shea butter hair masque to it along with a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil, some Manuka honey after the whole thing has cooled and some essential oils. It really deepens my deep conditioner, making my hair more soft and pliable and keeping it hydrated longer. I also notice that my hair is a lot smoother after drying when I add this butter to my deep conditioner. Another way I like to use it is just to melt it down by rubbing my hands together and applying it to a wash and go that's three or four days old to smooth out any frizzies or hair thats starting to look dry. It work really well for that as well.
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