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sózó σῴζω

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Hello All, 

Sorry I dropped out of the hair race for a moment. Life has
been serving me lemons and I just start making lemonade. Any How!!! My
Process for this test is simple. "Nothin but Rainforest Chica BuTTER's
and Poo Bar". My hair is 4bc combo and prone to shrinkage. It is fine,
dense, course and sometimes packed....Yes, I have serious afro hair and
I'm lovin it. It's low in porosity. Yes, it floats like a boat. I
practice the loc method BUT I cheat. I have a spray bottle with oils
such as neem, argan, babassu, avocado, hemp, buriti,caster, EVO, Aloe
gel and EO's.I know throw a lot of stuff in my MIX for my lambs wool,
my cloud nine.

I use lots of oils and butter for my mingly-gray, twisted mane as a
naturalist.I pre-poo, detangle, hot-oil, deep condition, spray mix,
twisting,braid etc.. Yes totally HAPPY to be NAPPY!!! My Doo love thick
& creamy, with a little candelilla or Ucuuba Butter to provide a
heavier butter cream whip. I will make a nice creamy thick whip once I
finish my butter hair test with the Brazilian butters. C r e a m y,
CREAMY, cre-amy, for my fine crown. It seals it, moisturize it, & soften
and protect my lovely coils.

The Process:
I washed my hair with Rainforest Poo Bar Not much shrinkage, T-Shirt
dry for low friction and stress to the hair
more power to the people --PICK IT OUT
Part in six sections for the six butters
Butter my wet Doo
Two strand twist each section---
greeze the scalp f
I repeated for five day( I re-twisted and rea- applied the butters)

1-Babassu-Creamy, Smooth soft, even the end, not much shrinkage
2-Bacuri-little waxy, greasy, smooths my ends, thick like she butter,
not much shrinkage
3-Cupuacu- Hair soft smooth but not the ends, little
4-Murumuru-greezy, not so smooth on the ends but smooth on the
hair, ends feel a little chrunchy **not a FAV
5-Tucuma-love it going on,
little waxy, lengthen, soft, smooth, ends are great (had to remelt each
6-Ucuuba- Waxy, lengthens, straightens, smoothes very well, not so

Two strand twist test:

My two strand twist very soft and nice. The Bacuri feels a little
greezy. Tucuma turn out soft like the rest but I did not like it going

1-Babassu- tight twist, not greezy, not brittle
2-Bacuri-nice twist, very soft, not greezy
3-Cupuacu- not the great of a twist, little greezy
4-Murumuru-little drying but soft good twist
5-Tucuma-very tight twist, dry , brittle
6-Uccuuba-Very nice twist, little waxy

Grace & Peace,

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thank you for the steps

Town Mama
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