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sózó σῴζω

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Ok, Ladies I have my  two results below:

Result 1:

I rewashed my Doo, mixed the Babassu, Bacuri, & Ucuuba into a whipped butter. I then twisted & re-twisted for another 4 days with the butters(photo results below)--this is my twist out with only RAINFOREST CHICA butters

Thoughts:  I love this look, its a bit kinkier and tighter than my normal twist....still a great look and feel.

Result 2:
My final test. I mix all 6 butters together and add them to my normal
routine   and products for another 4 days (photo results below)

Thoughts: I really, R E A L L Y, re-eal -ly ......LUV, Love, this feel.
I am diggin this feel. It ultra soft, the twist are loose, not crunchy, nice sheen.


Grace & Peace,

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thank you for sharing!  Your hair looks great!

Town Mama

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It is probably the ucuuba that got it tighter. When I use ucuuba for hair products I do less than 1/5 of total product. My Ultimate Hair Butter is 1 part ucuuba, 2 cupuacu, 2 murumurur and 1 oils.

But I have a costumer with very thick, long, Polynesian hair who uses 1 part of it to 2 parts of cupuacu and it works very well for her hair.

I love the pictures may I share them?

Chrys Rocha
Rainforest Chica
Brazilian Oils & Butters for Skin and Hair Care
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