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 "I had a few questions I was hoping you could help me with - Can you use the butters right from the bag and put onto the hair/body or do you have to mix them?  Also, what type of container do you recommended for storage before and after mixing?  
     I did want to try mixing them but was thinking about lighter oils- apricot, almond, grapeseed, sunflower, and safflower.  Or maybe a few heavier - avocado and black Jamaican castor oil.  Do  you have any recommendations for mixing or using these oils?
     Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I am just starting DIY projects and I am not sure where to start with the mixing. "

"Yes, you can use the butters straight on body and hair. These butters are amazing but even though most people don't seem to realize, they are quite different. Try them separately, one on each arm, and on little strands of dry hair (just a tiny bit), then try them on damp hair and see how it dries. Murumuru works very well as a leave-in for my curls, for protection and treatment I usually mix the 2 plus bacuri and a couple of oils.
You can keep the butter in the pouches before mixing, they are a ziplock pouch. After mixing you can use any very dry, clean container with a good lid. 
I don't work with any of the oils you mentioned so I won't be able to recommend anything. I can give you a few suggestions:
Check the shelf life in the oil - I know that grapeseed, for example, has a very short shelf life - 3 months. My butters have a shelf life of 24 months but they will last a lot longer.
When choosing an oil look for:
1) The properties you are looking for in a final product.
2) The feel and smell of the oil. You need to make something that feels pleasant to you.
After you decide on a recipe - I usually do 2/3 to 5/6  butters and the rest oils. Melt the butters in a clean, dry mason jar in a pot with water on medium heat. After they are melted you mix the oils. If you are planning on whipping, you need to let them cool down - I have a video on YouTube about it."

Chrys Rocha
Rainforest Chica
Brazilian Oils & Butters for Skin and Hair Care
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