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This week I tried Tucuma butter for the very first time. I used it on my skin. Tucuma butter is solid at room temperature but not hard. It was pliable in the stand up packaging. Upon opening the package, Tucuma butter has a distinct scent. My description of it is a mild caramel and coffee scent. It is a bit smoky, too. Not unpleasant to me at all. I took a small piece of the butter and rubbed it between both palms. Along with the heat of my hands, the butter quickly melted into a lovely oil. The viscosity was light, IMO. I applied it to skin after my night shower on damp skin. I have sensitive skin that tends to be dry mostly during the winter months. In the summer the humidity helps to combat this. The Tucuma easily and completely absorbed into my skin and left no residual greasiness. My skin felt soft to the touch, retained it's moisture overnight with ease and gave my skin a healthy glow. I did not experience any itching, redness or rash after usage.
I really like Tucuma butter for my skin and will incorporate it into my skin care regimen for sure. I have also used the Tucuma butter on my hair and have reviewed it as well under "Hair care."
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